How to prepare for competitive exams?

How to prepare for competitive Exams?

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You have to focus on below important points to get success in your upcoming competitive exams.

Time Management Tips for Students preparing for exams.

You have to make a schedule for yourself use to block off time to work on his or her assignments. This will help you prioritize projects and provide a structure to help keep him or her on track to meet due dates. Use a different color for each subject so you can follow the schedule quickly and easily.

1. Set an Agenda for preparation

You have to look ahead for all upcoming examinations and record the due dates in an agenda. Use the agenda to schedule in TV and computer time too—this will help you avoid falling into a trap of wasted hours in front of a screen instead of working on assignments.

2. Avoid Distractions


Mobile phones, social media, and friends, there are a lot of activities that can distract students from their preparation schedule. When it’s time to get down to work, have your mobile phone turn off and sign out of social media accounts. Any time on the master schedule that is dedicated for preparation work should be mobile phone and television-free.

3. Set Goals For Each and Every Study Session

You have to set specific goals for each day, like how many pages of a book to write or how many math questions to complete. The agenda and time table will help with planning your daily goals so that assignments can be completed on time.

4. Start preparation Early

Good time management skills mean completing the assignments the day before they are due. Weekly review for progress in preparation for upcoming assignments and tests and add them to schedule and agenda. Schedule time to start working on them well before they are due so you are not stressed and scrambling to meet the due dates.

5. Make a micro activity Plan

Creating a micro activity plan can also help avoid last-minute panic. The accumulated amount of work is a common cause of procrastination, which can lead to poor time management. Help you break down assignments into smaller chunks, each with its own separate due dates. This will help you to plan ahead and start working on assignments earlier.

6. Focus On One Thing At A Time

It seems like more is being accomplished with multitasking, but splitting attention due to multitask isn’t an effective way to learn. You should work on one task at a time, giving it full attention. Focusing on one task will help you complete it more efficiently and effectively.

7. Study In Shorter breaks

For every 30 minutes of study, you have to schedule a short 10-15 minute break to recharge. Trying to work on one thing for too long can actually cause your minds to wander more. Taking short breaks is a good way to give your brain a chance to recharge so that you can come back more focused.

8. Start Early In The Day

Have courage to work on assignments earlier in the day. Have a look over the agenda and master schedule to find out what needs to be completed that night and get started early. To start later in the evening means you have less time and energy, leading to delayed bedtimes, unfinished assignments, and more stress for everyone.

9. Get 7-8 Hours Of Sleep

Getting enough sleep is important to help you recharge your mind and have the energy needed to stay on track the next day. Use your master schedule to mark a cut-off time for study each night as well as a set bedtime. Following this routine will help make sure you have time to unwind at the end of each day and get the sleep he or she needs.

10. Have Healthy food

You have to take healthy food, Vitamins, mineral, protein and carbohydrates will keep your mind healthy and fit to solve the puzzles and tricky question. Drink enough water to keep hydrated yourself.

Do you need help developing your time management skills?

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